Frida, 30
So during my time in Prague I had a very hard time like many others because of the Corona situation (and some other things)
I contacted Masa, and we had 3 meetings on Skype. The first time I really could feel how Masa tried to dig deep into my thoughts and feelings. And she always gave me things to do/work on between the meetings, kind of homework.  Talking to Masa gave me a deeper understanding about myself and just the way she doesn't judge people from what they do or are, really made me feel  safe. She helps people come back to the state of inner peace or find it and also develop a healthy relationship with yourself. She reminded  me of who I am and who I want to be. And that I have the power inside of me.  Masa showed me that my situation was temporary and that it is okay to feel sad sometimes. We also finished with some meditation after every meeting. And I always felt so much better and inspired afterwards.  I will always keep Masa close to my heart for what she did for me, and forever be thankful. I'm talking from my own experiences.
Mrdu, 25
The counseling was very helpful. The ways you suggested had a very long impact. I still go back to those meditation techniques and practice them when in need. 
Cathy Rabbitt
"Masa gave me a sense of trust and encouragement to open up to her. When Masa saw I was struggling, she took control and offered a way to feel my feelings - giving me a breathing exercise, which made me feel fully supported and heard".
Alessandro, 21
Masa is the warmest counselor I’ve ever talked to. She would listen attentively without any judgment and I feel very comfortable sharing my feelings and problems with her. Moreover, she tenderly lifts our spirit by cherishing our unique value and by suggesting simple and moving practices to realize our value and I am still practicing it everyday!

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