Community art, personal storytelling, creative arts therapy, and participatory socially engaged experimental art
Our Mission and Vision is to cultivate plurality of all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, or age.
Why? To push the boundaries of existing aesthetics, norms, paradigms...To create a space where art and creative processes are accessible to everyone, to keep building space where tolerance, diversity and equality are nurtured, promoted, and respected.
World Community Connect works in close partnership with Touching Lives,  non-profit organization based in Mumbai, India, which works towards Learning and Healing of children and people of slum communities, supporting them to become independent learners.
Participatory Art Project
Creative Media Production Program
Prague City University
Photos by Polina Petryshyna and Jan Brzobohaty

                     SWAN Prague
           Support Women Artists Now
                                                              Photos by Lucie Nepeřená
ART27 - Arts for Social Inclusion
          Community Online Art Project
Education, Development and Employment
                 Center (Georgia)
    Touching Lives Film & Media Initiative
                       (Mumbai, India)
Czech Republic
Photos by Beth Lazroe
Maraa: a Media and Arts Collective
(Bangalore, India)
Photos by Tihana Valent
Education, Development and Employment
                 Center (Georgia)

la lleca/colectiva

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